mandag 14. desember 2009

Substitute. Greenhouselife.

When waiting for summer .......              

lørdag 24. oktober 2009

fredag 23. oktober 2009

fredag 16. oktober 2009

Hiking at Tenerife.

A nice little walk at hilly countryside, heading for dinner at a nice restaurant at top of the higest hill. From there one have a wonderful view.

Forget all about beaches. That island is packed with wonderful hiking possibilities.

tirsdag 13. oktober 2009

At the cañada, Tenerife. 2500 m.

Formation of clouds.
Damp from the vulcano Teide, penetrates the soil and drift
away as clouds.

onsdag 23. september 2009

lørdag 19. september 2009

Fjærland, Sogn.

I know I have been there, but how could I leave ?
If all landscapes had such a mirror...

søndag 13. september 2009

Høstens budbringere.

Dette er også frukt fra

fredag 31. juli 2009

torsdag 30. juli 2009

From fjord district. Sogn.

So often seen, and yet never noticed.
Are we inocculated against it?

Nature in Western Norway.

Fjord, mountains and glaciers.

tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Lonesome bird.

Sea Gull - longing for the ocean.

    Stones and slate tiles resemblesTerra Firma.

Sollesnes, Hardanger.

From here slate
were shipped.

torsdag 28. mai 2009


Had we fun at the party?

lørdag 9. mai 2009

mandag 27. april 2009

Atlantic blue and umbra.

Old, windy threshing site.